Memories of a Fisherman, sandbox of horror

Following in the wake of spooky games such as Dear Esther, IndieV8Team's Memories of a Fisherman aims to give players a more open-world experience of all that overcast gloom.

You are simple fisherman, not a hero, not even a warrior, just a plain and simple fisherman. After returning from a long fishing trip, the island surprises you with a deadly silence, no one seems to be around. In fact everyone is missing, your family, friends, even the animals seem to be gone. You find a dead body, its Billy the farmer, he seems to have written a letter before dying. He describes a thing…. a horror he went through before his final moments. Its your duty as a father to find your family, you decide to explore the island in the search for an answer.

Another forthcoming title in the same vein: Raindrop, which has better graphics and more swearing in its trailer.