Amnesty International's 'Game of Drones' campaign to protest automated extrajudicial assassinations

Amnesty International's Kalaya'an Mendoza sends word of the Amnesty USA #GameOfDrones tour, "to mobilize students and youth around ending the US govt's use of drones in extrajudicial killings." Here's a post he wrote to explain why he's involved.

When I first learned about the U.S. drone program, I went to the Amnesty International USA website and searched for reports on Yemen and Pakistan, and read blogs by Amnesty's experts on Security with Human Rights. I spoke with friends and colleagues, and listened to youth activists with the same passion for a better world. I've learned that some 4,700 people have been killed by drone strikes over the last decade, according to Senator Lindsey Graham. But there's so much more we don't know; the U.S. government won't even tell us who is dying in these drone strikes, despite strong allegations of unlawful killings. I am no longer willing to stand idly by and let a policy that allows such grave violations continue in my name.

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