Palatable dishes from McDonald's feedstock

McDonald's threw a PR event in NYC whereby real chefs were invited to make palatable dishes out of the raw feedstock of the McD's supply-chain. Above, Jessica Foust's "slow-cooked beef with blueberry pomegranate sauce and Mac Fry gnocchi."

The first dish came from Chef Talde. The appetizer-sized three-piece "Kung Pao" Chicken McNuggets were topped with sweet & sour sauce, rice wine vinegar, and peanuts, then artfully arranged amidst oranges and iceberg lettuce. This was definitely the most recognizably-made-from-McDonald's-food item served all night.

"Entree One" was the Tortilla Espanola with garlic & saffron aioli from James Tahhan. It's made with McDonald's eggs & hash browns, a mix of chipotle BBQ & honey mustard sauces, and was actually the most transformative dish of the night — you could tell it was McDonald's ingredients, but it didn't taste like anything on the actual menu.

This is the dish that I would expect to actually exist if McDonald's ventured into the sit-down, waiter-service realm just to freak everyone out. Chef McCargo stacked crispy chicken, hash browns, chipotle BBQ sauce, espresso, cheddar Jack cheese, and applewood-smoked bacon (same as the drink!), then threw an egg on top. I would order this. Maybe not at the drive-through.

I attended an exclusive McDonald's tasting menu dinner & ate Kung Pao McNuggets [Andrew Zimmer/Thrillist]

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