Police pepper sprayed protestors who formed a circle around a US Border Patrol vehicle in Arizona

Perla Trevizo of the Arizona Daily Star took this photo of Tucson Police Department officers using pepper spray against people who were trying to prevent US Border Patrol agents from taking three people into custody.

About 7 p.m., two day laborers with the Corazon de Tucson were stopped by Tucson police officers for not having a functioning light on their license plate.

Neither of them had a driver’s license or identification and had never been issued one by the state, said Sgt. Maria Hawke, a Tucson police spokeswoman. The misdemeanor triggers a mandatory vehicle impoundment.

State law also required the officers to seek immigration check, prompting the officers to ask the Border Patrol to respond to the scene, she said.

Before long, dozens of activists and community members had gathered outside the church to protest the detention of the two men.

Dozens confront Border Patrol agents during Tucson traffic stop