New Disruptors 44: They're Coming to Make Him A Film Ha Ha

The New Disruptors is new to Boing Boing! It's a podcast about people who make art, things, or connections finding new ways to reach an audience and build a community. Glenn Fleishman is the host, and he talks with new guests every week. Find previous episodes, too.

This episode of The New Disruptors looks at crowdfunding the first stages of a documentary. Glenn talks with director Devin Lucas, who — along with his two partners in Meep Morp Studio, Christine McDonald and Scott McKenzie — are making a movie about a very favorite Happy Mutant: Under the Smogberry Trees, the true story of Dr. Demento and Mr. Hansen. They raised nearly $120,000 to get the film well underway and have lined up a large number of artists whose work became famous through the radio show to appear.

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