explains to the Mississippi Attorney General's Office that a law is only a law if it's published

Rogue archivist Carl Malamud is publishing the world's safety codes. Some governments disapprove. He writes, "Upon receipt of a Certified Letter of Takedown from the Special Assistant Attorney General of Mississippi, Public.Resource.Org prepared a 67-page response, enclosed a Trodart Professional-Grade Self-Inking Rubber Stamp inscribed with a revolutionary saying ('If it isn't public, it isn't a law.'), packed it all up with a Mississippi flag made of crinkle-pak, and dispatched the parcel back to the sender. "

tl;dr: "We respectfully decline."

We're trying to convince the state officials that the Internet is really there to help them. If they make their codes available, all sorts of innovation happens. They don't need to lock up their laws.

Boxing Day in Mississippi!