Gallery: New York Comic-Con in pictures

This weekend, we hopped into the car and made the 6-hour trip to New York to check out its fast-growing Comic-Con. Since its founding in 2006, explosive growth now makes New York Comic-Con one of the largest such events in the country. Even the mighty Javits Center in Manhattan could hardly contain the throng, estimated at more than 120,000 over four days. Here, Superman and Batman consult the useless maps provided in the convention guidebook. Photo: Rob Beschizza

Now spread over some 600,000 square feet, the New York Comic-Con started in 2006 in just one of the Javits Center's several levels. The show's astronomical growth puts it on a par with the San Diego Comic-Con.Photo: Rob Beschizza

Crowds pack Artist's Alley at New York Comic-Con, where thousands of fans searched out their favorite creators for conversation, signatures and swag. Photo: Rob Beschizza

Supreme Commander Darth Vader sits on a bench at New York Comic-Con this weekend. The Office of the Supreme Commander later released a statement criticising an error entered into the galactic seasonal manifest by the Imperial Astronomical and Meteorological Office. Photo: Carlo Allegri

Skeletor catches up on his tweets in a relatively quiet corner of New York Comic-Con, hosted this weekend at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Photo: Heather Beschizza

Prince Robot IV searches for Alana and Marko at New York Comic-Con, hosted this weekend at Manhattan's Javits Center. Photo: Mike Segar

A centaur poses for a photograph at the sprawling Jacob Javitz Convention Center in Manhattan.

A newly-energized Judge Dredd strides toward the criminal-infested environs surrounding Manhattan's Jacob Javitz Convention Center this weekend, having noticed them. Photo: Mike Segar

In search of dreamberries, Krim the elf scans the New York Comic-Con earlier this weekend. Photo: Rob Beschizza

Imperial Stormtroopers, at several stages of ex-vitro gestation, confront Rebel scum at the Jacob Javits Center in New York this weekend. Photo: Rob Beschizza

Superman enjoys a pretzel on the Artist's Alley steps at New York's Comic-Con. Photo: Heather Beschizza