Spark Camera, a simple movie-making app

iPhone video tends toward brevity--think Vine and Instagram--and fancier movie apps are thin on the ground. Spark Camera, from IDEO, aims to make it easier to shoot atmospheric, attractive mini-movies with a smartphone. The maximum length is 30 seconds, no logging-in is required to start shooting, and it's $2 in the App Store. Wired's Kyle VanHemert reviewed it today, and thinks that the results are gorgeous:

It’s as lightweight and easy to use as the iPhone’s stock camera app but ultimately far more powerful. And one key way it sets itself apart from other lightweight video-making apps is that it lets you revisit and rework old clips at any time–to swap in a new filter, try out a new tune, or tack a new bit of video onto the end of the sequence. ... In the end, though, the best thing about Spark might be the simple fact that it lets you do your thing in private. Whereas Instagram and Vine funnel your efforts onto their servers and into your the feeds of your friends, Spark stashes your videos safely on your camera roll.

This is what sells it to me: something to get into, not something to show off.