Analog cyborgs

A workshop in Namur, Belgium invited artists and makers to construct analogue cyborg enhancements — non-digital prostheses that gave them superpowers. There were some remarkable successes, including a graffiti exoskeleton, a glamorous portable bar, and a magnet-based line-shooter.

One of his wearable devices enables shooting a magnet attached to a string. After shooting, he can use a crank from a fishing rod to pull objects caught with the magnet towards him. This is useful, for instance, when shopping tomato cans in a supermarket. Already the first tests showed that the shooting works well…

A graffiti painting exoskeleton was the fruit of Martin's and Xavier's hard work. Mostly built out of PVC pipes, this lightweight construction moves a spray can in 3.5m height on a rope controlled x-y plotter mechanism. Tagging up the hood in unreachable heights? No problem with this rig!

We be Cyborgs!

(via Bruce Sterling)