Aaron Swartz hackathon

Noah Swartz writes, "In January, after nearly two years of government prosecution and harassment, my brother Aaron Swartz died.

Aaron was eclectic and prolific in his activism. In the wake of recent events, we especially feel the loss of his unique brand of activism. It is not just that we now have one less voice in the chorus, or even that we lost such a unique voice. We've lost a tireless activist, and a central motivator, someone who could make us seriously question the morality of our actions and show us how to do better.

I want to host events around the world to bring together those of us who are fighting to change things, and perhaps to ignite others with a spark from Aaron's flame. Let's spend a weekend together to be, as Aaron would say, part of Team Impact."

The weekend of November 8-10th

So far we have confirmed locations in Argentina, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco, as well as a kick off event at the Internet Archive, but we want to see more hosts.

An event to talk about and act on the wrong we see in the world. An opportunity to work on 'the most important things' that we can be working on.

Each space will have one central project with entry points for people at all skill levels, as well as an un-conference of smaller projects that people can get involved with. We want to get some work done over the weekend, but we also want to make sure that we're supporting continued work. We want these projects to sprout a life of their own. In six months, we'll work on them some more at another series of events around the world.

Anyone who has been upset but not known what to do about it. Whether you're technical or not, if you want to help there will be a project you can work on. If you have specific skills or if you just want to get a sense of what people are doing to make a change then we urge you to join us.

For further information

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* If you want to help with running an event or organizing a project e-mail us at org@aaronswartzhackathon.org

If you want to join the discussion, join #AaronSwHack on irc.OFTC.net or join the mailing list for the hackathon in your area by e-mailing {cityname}-subscribe@aaronswartzhackathon.org

Aaron Swartz Hackathon