Please enjoy this cute platypus video

So adorable, it almost makes me forget that I'm still pregnant over a week past my due date.

More on-topic, if you're like me, your first thought watching this was probably something like, "Wait! What about the platypus' poison barbs!"

Platypuses are, in fact, venomous. Or, at least, the males are. They've got sharp spurs on their hind legs and the venom, while not deadly to humans, is supposed to hurt like a sumbitch. The platypus featured in this video, however, is female. Also, the spurs on the male, while not fully retractable, are mobile and don't just stick out waiting to stab anything that brushes up against them. And the venom is only produced during mating season. All of these facts will prove helpful should you decide to visit Australia's Healesville Sanctuary, a zoo that offers special "Wade With the Platypus" tours.

Wade with the platypus > Swim with the dolphins.

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