Gweek 117: The Whole Earth Catalog for this century

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In this episode of Gweek, I interviewed Kevin Kelly about his upcoming Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities an oversized book that reviews over 1,500 different tools, explaining why each one is great, and what its benefits are (Kevin is my partner at the website Cool Tools). Stewart Brand, the creator of The Whole Earth Catalog, calls it "The real deal." Read Kevin's essay about the Cool Tools book here.

I also interviewed Joshua Glenn about his Best Ever Adventure series of posts at HiLobrow. He says, "This month, I’ve been making two kinds of lists of my favorite adventures: the 21 best adventure novels of each decade (of the 20th century), and adventure novels and movies that best typify the genre’s 20 key themes and memes (e.g., treasure hunt, hunted man, conspiracy theory, DIY, frontier epic)." Josh is also working with Singularity & Co., the Brooklyn science fiction bookstore that runs the book club Save the Sci-Fi. They are preparing to launch a second book club dedicated to rescuing out-of-print adventure stories from copyright limbo. "The new book club will be called Save the Adventure," says Josh, "I’ll be the club’s editor! With 23 days to go on our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve raised $(removed),300 of the $(removed),000 we need to cover costs."

Links to other things we talked about: APE (Guy Kawasaki best guide to self publishing), 99Designs (crowdsourced professional design), CreateSpace (on-demand publishing), Martian Dice (customized dice game), and much more!


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