Aaron Swartz celebration/hackathon kickoff, Nov 8

Lisa Rein writes, "Noisebridge and the Internet Archive are hosting a big event on Nov 8 (1830h-2100h) to celebrate
Aaron Swartz's life and accomplishments
, and kick off an international
series of hackathons that will be taking place all over the world in his
honor, during what would have been his 27th birthday weekend, November
8-10, 2013. (Confirmed locations include, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Berlin,
Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Houston, Kathmandu, Magdeburg,
New York, Santiago, Chile, Seattle and San Francisco.)"

The goal of this event is to bring together the diverse group of people he
touched in order to directly continue his efforts, to celebrate his life,
and to allow a few featured speakers to provide updates regarding the
current situations surrounding: 1) Reform of the CFAA (Cindy Cohn – Legal
Director EFF) 2) The FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests regarding
the release of Aaron's FBI and Secret Service files, and MIT's obstruction
of the release of those files (Kevin Poulsen – Investigations Editor,
Wired Magazine and 3) Projects Aaron worked on and inspired towards the
end of his life that are still going strong, almost a year after his death
(Brewster Kahle – Digital Librarian, Internet Archive, Yan Zhu – Hackathon
Organizer, Garrett Robinson – Lead Developer, Securedrop).

When: November 8th from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Where: Internet Archive 300 Funston Ave, in San Francisco.

Please Come: Aaron Swartz Reception at the Internet Archive Nov 8th in SF