Contest: create a new kind of science kit for kids

GilbertAtomicOpentrimmedRemember how much fun chemistry sets used to be before the chemicals were deemed too dangerous for household fun? The Society for Science & The Public, in collaboration with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, have launched a contest to collect ideas for a new kind of Science Play and Research Kit (SPARK) "that encourage imagination and interest in science, recapturing the spirit of the chemistry set." There are cash prizes too! From the SPARK Competition site:

To be clear, we're interested in science beyond chemistry. We borrow this term to capture the spirit and magic of what the classic chemistry set spawned in the 1940s – 60s. We're looking for ideas that can engage kids as young as 8 and inspire people who are 88. We're looking for ideas that encourage kids to explore, create, build and question. We're looking for ideas that honor kids' curiosity about how things work.

SPARK Competition: Reimagining The Chemistry Set of the 21st Century (Thanks, Chris Mentzel!)