NIST trying to win back crypto-cred after NSA sabotage

The National Institution for Standards and Technology is one of the key players in setting standards for cryptography. Following the Snowden-leaked revelation that its standards-setting efforts had been infiltrated and sabotaged by the NSA, it is embarking on a charm-offensive to lure cryptographers back into its processes. It's reassessing all of its standards, and then conducting a public consultation on its conclusions. And they're having independent auditors to look at their process.

As part of what it characterizes as a "rigorous" review of its cryptographic guidance development, NIST says it will investigate its goals and objectives; principles of operation; processes for identifying cryptographic algorithms for standardization; methods for reviewing and resolving public comments; and other important procedures.

"Once complete, we will invite public comment on this process," the statement says. "We also will bring in an independent organization to conduct a formal review of our standards development approach and to suggest improvements. Based on the public comments and independent review, we will update our process as necessary to make sure it meets our goals for openness and transparency, and leads to the most secure, trustworthy guidance practicable."

NIST to Review Crypto Guidance Methods

(via Engadget)