Burglar surprised to discover the lady he's robbing is an armed ax-throwing champ

A retired competitive ax-thrower surprised burglars who'd broken into her home and chased them off. Robyn Irvine of Hemet, CA caught a burglar trying to steal her jewelry while she slept with her cat, and she snatched up her favorite ax and brandished it at him until he ran off. She says she chose not to throw it at him, though she's pretty sure that she could have paralyzed him if she'd chosen. Police later arrested 22-year-old Nicholas Uolla with many of her possessions (she believes that he had at least one accomplice who got away). Ms Irvine is a sweet lady, and is wont to utter phrases like, "If you're in my house, you're not walking out."

The former ax-throwing competitor grabbed the weapon she keeps by her side at all times.

"He froze at first. I shocked him with my voice and then he took off. There was no way I could've caught him but I could've thrown it," said Irvine, adding that she could have paralyzed the suspect by striking him in the spine.

Hemet police arrested 22-year-old Nicholas Uolla on suspicion of burglary and said they found several items in his possession belonging to Irvine.

Hemet Woman Armed With Throwing Ax Chases Thief From Home [CBS]

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(Image: warning, headhunter crossing, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from sellis's photostream)