Coming to LA: Krampusfest!, from the remains of the Cacophony Society

Al writes, "KKrampusfest LA is a series of of Krampus events produced throughout December 2013 by the remnants (or 'sleeper cell') of LA Cacophony Society. We have been working on hand-crafted scratch-made Krampus costumes & masks for about a year, and we are the first Krampus run in the Western US. These events were contrived, in part as a response and alternative to the Santacon mess we Cacophonists set loose oh, so many years ago. The first official event is 12/7, the costumed 'Krampus Ball' with traditional Bavarian folk dancing, alpenhorn, as well as costumed bands like 'The Kramps' and 'Krampwerk.'

Our public Krampus run happens 12/12, and we are doing an art show 12/14 at Copro Gallery with contributions by artists including Luke Chueh, Chet Zar, and Tim Burton as well as an outdoor performance/installation — a sort of outdoor Krampus Spanking Zoo. The events are drawing interest beyond LA, as we've been fielding press inquiries from as far away as Bavaria, and have participants
coming in costume from Sacramento, San Diego, and the Bay Area. We've also have established contacts with Austrian Krampus groups and hosted LA talks by visiting Austrian Krampus troupe members. Here's the troupe as of Oct 2013 (above).

Krampus Los Angeles – The European Christmas Devil runs amok on LA streets and art space. Are you just going to stand by?: