Apps for Kids 050: Dungelot

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Apps for Kids is Boing Boing's podcast about cool smartphone apps for kids and parents. My co-host is my 10-year-old daughter, Jane.

In this episode, we review Dungelot, a game that's a mix of Sword of Fargoal, Dungeon Raid, Minesweeper, and an advent calendar. It's .99 on iOS and Android and free to play on the Web.

We also review a new book Jane bought, called Would You Rather…? Wonderfully Weird: Over 400 Crazy Questions! We read one of the questions on the podcast and promised to set up an online poll. Take the poll below!

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If you're an app developer and would like to have Jane and me try one of your apps for possible review, email a redeem code to

Jane and I love to get your emails with questions about game, gear, and tech. What's your question?

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