G4S forged documents used to return asylum seeker who claims he was tortured after UK deportation

G4S is a UK-based private security contractor that is wildly profitable and rapidly expanding. They're also terrible. They totally blew security for the London Olympics (but not before illegally harassing photographers). They've been stripped of their contract to run a South African prison after total incompetence and torture. They've had new contracts with the UK government frozen while they're being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for criminal overbilling (and despite this, the Home Office is quietly trying to expand their contract to abuse house migrants facing deportation).

Now, they're facing criminal charges for forging migrants' documents.

A high court judge found that three G4S employees representing the secretary of state forged documents used to deport an asylum seeker who claims he was tortured on his return.

The three officials behaved disgracefully, the judge said, adding: "When agents of the state falsify documents it undermines, if not fatally then certainly very seriously, the trust of the people in the operation of the rule of law.

"It makes no difference if, as here, the agents are private contractors to whom the secretary of state has outsourced her powers. Corruption by state officials is insidious and corrosive and it is the duty of the authorities where it is found to root it out ruthlessly."

Mostyn referred his findings of forgery and providing false witness testimony to the DPP and the attorney general. However, he added that his "finding as to the turpitude of the agents of the secretary of state" did not detract from the "lack of credibility of the claimant", and he dismissed the appeal.

Three G4S immigration centre officials involved in forgery, says judge