San Francisco bookstore is about 18" deep

This morning I posted about two claustrophobic bookstores, one in Helsinki and one in Paris. Brian Heater (our Comics Rack columnist and the director of media at Engadget) sent me a photo of what might be the most claustrophobic bookstore of all: GF Wilkinson Books in San Francisco. It's claustrophobic not because of book clutter; it's simply because store is so small that if you stood inside it and the doors were to close, you'd be squeezed.

Brian says:

It's essentially a wall of displays converted into a bookstore. I had a nice conversation with the titular Mr. Wilkinson, who has been in the book selling business for a number of years. This is just the latest incarnation. Perhaps some model for the future as Amazon and e-books continue to take a bite out of the bookstore market? Says he was inspired by the book tables set up around Manhattan (a number of whom, including one Aaron Cometbus, formed a wonderfully curated bookstore in Brooklyn called Book Thug Nation). I bought a terrific little pamphlet from 1949 called Toros Without Tears: A Simple Explanation of a Bullfight.

The SF Gate did a nice piece on Wilkinson last January.