Holdfast magazine: free speculative fiction mag's debut issue is "Speculating about Speculative Women"

Laurel sends us "Holdfast Magazine, a new free online speculative fiction magazine that I co-edit.Each issue revolves around a central theme, examining genre fiction through focussed articles, fiction and reviews. Linked to this is each issue's interview with a featured author, whose writing connects to the issue's topic. Regular features include The Unbelievers, in which our two heroic editors attempt to convert self-confessed fantasy haters, a themed playlist that gives readers a suitable atmosphere in which to browse, and A Letter To… tells an author how influential and inspiring they are. Issue#1 is out now, Speculating about Speculative Women."

Read speculative fiction, poetry, interviews, articles, reviews and other oddments all whilst listening to our fantasy playlist. Take part in co-authoring a story with featured author Emma Newman in our Story Chain. Discover what's making Emma Newman angry, read Eva Kerslake-Blue's short story Mirror, Mirror (and then read her bio!), peruse new books written and inhabited by speculative women on our Bookshelf, and find out about the underrepresentation of Black women in science fiction.

One of the reasons we would appreciate the exposure is so that we can seriously pursue sponsorship and advertising. At the moment, we are operating on an annual, future based earning cooperative in which all contributors get an equal share of what we have managed to raise per year.

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