Moomin creator's rare memoir back in print after 40 years

Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins, wrote her memoir nearly half a century ago. Taking the form of "child conscioussness and child logic [returned] to the adult state," it's back in print with the first revised edition in 40 years.

The book was written 10 years after her father's death, while Jansson was working on her final Moomin book, Moominvalley in November. Then in her 50s, Jansson turned to writing for adults, producing a dozen books, including collections of stories and five novels, three of which – The Summer Book, Sun City and The True Deceiver – are available in English.

The Moomins are wonderful, America. Forget the various blanded-out anime versions and head straight for the books. Then watch the weird stop-mo Polish/British version from the 70s.

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