Much-loved webseries Internets Celebrities returns, with NYC eats-focused episodes, 'Food Warriors'

Casimir Nozkowski, Dallas Penn, and Rafi Kam, collectively known as the Internets Celebrities, have a new web series: THE FOOD WARRIORS.

"We're riding the A Train from top to bottom and finding out the best place to eat at key stops along the way," Casimir explains.

Here is the very first episode: "Dallas and Rafi use their democratic powers to crowd source the BEST PLACE TO EAT near the 168th Street A train station in New York City."

I love these guys so much. We've featured their work in many editions of Boing Boing's in-flight entertainment channel on Virgin America, and you can see some of their classic episodes if you fly the airline this very month, and watch channel 10 on the in-flight TV system. Can't wait to see the rest of the new work, and to try out these wonderful eateries when next in NYC. Cheah!