Songs for Unusual Creatures: Elephant Shrew

Tara says:

Some of Earth’s strangest animals, including sea pigs, glass frogs, Jesus Christ lizards, magnapinna squids and more, have inspired writer and composer Michael Hearst to create a new video series with PBS Digital Studios: Songs for Unusual Creatures. In each episode, Hearst will travel across the country to meet these unusual beings while also inviting guest musicians to perform a “theme song” Hearst creates for each one.

In its second episode, The Songs for Unusual Creatures Band performs a playful piece inspired by the elephant shrew, the elusive African rodent named for its long nose. Taking cues from the orchestral suite “Carnival for the Animals” written by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, the piece utilizes the keyboard, drums, bass, and trumpet to reflect the various animal families the creature derives from.


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