This Day in Blogging History: Interview with Elaborate Wristwatch Guy; Drinking astro-sweat/pee; Synthetic poo art

One year ago today

Interview with guy arrested at airport for wearing an elaborate wristwatch: McGann explained that after he was detained at the airport, he was able to show deputies photos of his watch collection on his phone to prove that they were art pieces, not detonators.

Five years ago today

NYT writer drinks NASA water distilled from the finest astronaut pee and sweat.: Urine, sweat in the air, waste water and other forms of moisture will be fed into the system, distilled and sent back to the tap.

Ten years ago today
It's a steaming pile of synthetic poo! No, it's art! No, it's both!: Wim Delvoye, the artist Warren Ellis describes as "the Walt Disney of poop," is about to launch a superpowered version 2.0 of "Cloaca," a crap-themed art installation.