Betrayers' Banquet: gourmet dining vs the Prisoner's Dilemma

Ed writes, "The Betrayers' Banquet is an experimental dining experience from London, where guests play the iterated prisoner's dilemma to win a better or worse meal.

Each of the 48 participants is served eight different courses over two hours; two starters, four mains and two desserts. While all dishes are edible, their allure differs considerably between the top and the bottom of the table; those at the top will enjoy a fine dining experience to match any in London, while those at the bottom will grapple with pickled walnuts, chicken's feet soup, lumpy gruel, and worse."

At regular intervals during the dinner, guests are invited to play the prisoner's dilemma with their opposites. If they both cooperate, they move up the table by six places. If they both betray, they move down the table by six places. If one cooperates and the other betrays, the betrayer moves up ten places, and the other down ten.

Tickets are available to buy from the website; the next event is Saturday 23rd November, and the final one is on Saturday 21st December.

Betrayers' Banquet