How Antisec died: Jeremy Hammond, Sabu, and the Intelligence-Industrial Complex

Don't miss this important long-form work by Quinn Norton at Medium, on "Jeremy Hammond, Sabu, and the Intelligence-Industrial Complex," which explores the links between Antisec and US intelligence agencies.

That the FBI supported the hack of Stratfor is without question. They called the company, as they had before, and told them to do nothing, as it would interfere with an investigation. They provided servers for the exfiltration of the data, as they had apparently provided servers in the past — one member told me after the revealing of Sabu that he'd regularly broken hashed passwords for the group. No one had ever known where Sabu got that computing power, but they also hadn't asked. It was nice to be able to turn over encryption to him and have it cracked and given back.

"How Antisec Died." []