Not Playing - Boing Boing's new podcast that recaps 80s movies

[Here's the latest addition to Boing Boing's growing family of wonderful podcasts! It's called Not Playing, and it's hosted by Lex Friedman and Dan Moren (bios below). In each episode, Lex and Dan watch movies they've never seen -- but that everyone else has. There are two versions of each episode available — the capsules and the commentary track versions. Listen to their thoughts before and after they watch the movie, or listen to the longer, full commentary-track episodes and watch the classics again for the first time, with Lex and Dan! - Mark]

Episode 001: Beverly Hills Copacetic

Lex and Dan watch Beverly Hills Cop together for the first time. They marvel at Banana Man, vests, and how (ass? fanny? butt?)-focused the stars of the film seem. And they do the Neutron Dance, of course.

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