This Day in Blogging History: Soviet SF movie; Disabled boy's tiny pony vs smellophobic neighbors; Diebold surrenders

One year ago today

Aelita, Queen of Mars: Soviet Science Fiction film from 1924: A Soviet sensation upon its heavily publicized release in 1924, Aelita, the Queen of Mars is now a curiosity of post-revolutionary Russian silent cinema, a bit laughable in its revolutionary zeal not only on Earth but on Mars as well!

Five years ago today

Disabled boy to lose his tiny pony because the neighbours don't like the smell: A disabled boy in a rural Ontario town may have to give up the miniature pony that he rides as part of his therapy and for his basic mobility.

Ten years ago today
Diebold rolls on back, pisses self, begs for mercy: Diebold has withdrawn its lawsuit threats against the sites that republished the leaked memos demonstrating its gross malfeasance in its voting machine business.