'Why not now?' biopic of Alan Watts by his son

Last Saturday, I was lucky to see a screening of Mark Watts' biographical film of his father, Alan Watts, "Why not Now?"–and it is fantastic. Alan Watts, who died in 1973, helped explain Eastern philosophy and approaches to life and being in a way that Westerners like me can understand. His work endures today and is some of the most helpful stuff I've ever read ('The Book' is a great place to start.)

Speaking to the audience before the screening, Mark Watts explained that as he was working on the film he realized that every word he added to the film's narrative meant he had to drop something he father had said more clearly. Mark discovered there was enough of his father's own voice, from his father's radio shows and other sources, to allow Alan to speak for himself. The film is available for purchase at the AlanWatts.org website.

Here are some short animations that the South Park guys did to accompany some of those recordings:

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