This Day in Blogging History: No extradition for Tvshack owner; Squirrel cages; Linux on a Big Mouth Billy Bass

One year ago today

TVShack owner will not be extradited to America: Richard O'Dwyer, the young British man who ran the TVShack linksite (which allowed users to post links to legal and illegal places to watch TV online) will not be extradited to the USA after all.

Five years ago today

Douglas Repetto's Squirrel Cages: These cages are quite beautiful constructions, made out of wood with the assistance of a laser cutter.

Ten years ago today
Big Mouth Billy Bass runs Linux, does impressions: Now that the antimated talking fish doll Big Mouth Billy Bass is out of fashion and can be had at pennies on the dollar, why not try your hand at installing Linux on it and getting it to lipsynch funny Simpsons quotes or act as the phyical avatar for someone at the other end of a teleconference line?