This Day in Blogging History: Calvin and Hobbes search engine; Boyle's "Public Domain"; Sex-blogging in China

One year ago today

Search engine for the full text and descriptions of every Calvin and Hobbes script: A search engine that runs against the full text and descriptions of all the Calvin and Hobbes strips.

Five years ago today

James Boyle's "The Public Domain" — a brilliant copyfighter's latest book, from a law prof who writes like a comedian: Boyle ranks with Lessig, Benkler and Zittrain as one of the most articulate, thoughtful, funny and passionate thinkers in the global fight for free speech, open access, and a humane and sane policy on patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Ten years ago today

Female blogger's first-person sex column causes ruckus in China: 25-year-old Chinese blogger Mu Zimei, whose sexually explicit first-person accounts have generated controversy — and celebrity — for the former magazine columnist.