This Day in Blogging History: Xmas mashups; Canned libraries; Blogging.LA launches

One year ago today

Santastic 7: more mashups for the holiday season: djBC and friends have put out their seventh Santastic collection of holiday mashups, "It's a Wonderful Mash."

Five years ago today

Canned Libraries: the 1936 version of "universal access to all human knowledge": In this 1936 Modern Mechanix article, a fantasy about shrinking the Library of Congress to fit "in a few small filing cabinets" on microfiche/film. Once this is done, copies of the great library will be distributed to worthy institutions all over the world.

Ten years ago today
New regional weblog Blogging.LA launches: Sean Bonner, Jason DeFillippo, Wil Wheaton, Caryn Coleman, Chris Pirillo, and a herd of fine nerds just launched Blogging.LA.