Santa the Hutt: grotesque photo-op Santa

The Betabrand retail store in San Francisco's Mission district now sports a grotesque window display of Santa Claus, entitled Santa the Hutt. Chris from BetaBrand writes, "Our aim: To poke fun at holiday excess and explore anti-Santa sentiment.

Our achievement: Over a thousand people have taken holiday photos at our Valencia Street store since rolling him out last week. "

In the end, not even Santa Claus could resist the orgy of holiday excess! For centuries the paragon of virtue, Kris Kringle has now transmogrified into a vile Yuletide leviathan known as Santa The Hutt.

After gorging himself on fruitcake and fortified wine, this slovenly mass of groaning, velvet-ensconsed blubber has relocated to the floor of the Betabrand company store in San Francisco. He now begrudgingly poses for holiday photos with Valencia Street shoppers â€" if only because he's too obese to move.

Fun facts about Santa The Hutt:

–Now requires 24 reindeer to pull his sleigh.

–Sweats eggnog.

–Crushed three elves to death yesterday.

–Doesn't care if you're naughty or nice; just wants to know if you'll run across the street and get him cigarettes and a sack of chimichangas.

— Sculpted by the incredible Cianna Valley.

Santa The Hutt will be appearing at Betabrand throughout the holiday season. If you get to meet him or — God forbid — sit on his vast, undulating lap, we recommend that you thoroughly disinfect afterward. Penicillin is also suggested.

Santa the Hutt