Christmas mashups: Santastic 8

dj BC writes, "I just dropped Santastic 8, the 8th annual Holiday mashup album in the series (10th if you count 'Menorah Mashups' and 'Re:Compostition').

This year we offer 14 new Christmas mashups, and one old one which was reissued because it is great and it matches the album cover so well. Contributors come from California, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Vienna, The Netherlands, Stockholm and Nashville."

There's some outstanding work here — don't miss mojochronic's Lou Reed tribute at Track 12: "Lou Christmas (Without You)."

The new website,, aims to finally put all the albums, videos and what not in one semi-coherent location. I'll be cleaning up the old album websites as well, but for now the site serves as a good central hub for links to all things Santastic.

Merry Christmas, and I hope people dig it!

(Thanks, dj BC!)