Electro-swing: glitchy, jazzy, uptempo music

Having belatedly discovered the Electro Swing genre, I'm enjoying the hell out of it. My wife brought home a link to Caravan Palace's "Clash" (from their 2012 album Panic), which is pretty much perfect in its ability to hit all my sweet spots: Django/Grapelli-ish picking, megaphone singing, Andrews Sisters harmonies, Herbie Hancock glitch-tunes, and just enough dubstep to be interesting (but not enough to be annoying).

I've bought Panic, and I'm giving it a few listens before moving on to the band's other album, their 2008 self-titled debut. The Wikipedia entry on electro-swing is full of eye-watering detail on the many sub-genres and early precursors, but a little short on next steps.

Any electro-swing fans out there? Post your recommendations in the comments.

Caravan Palace: Panic
(Thanks, Alice!)