In LA, 18 Sheriff's officials charged with abuse, obstruction of justice

Sheriff Lee Baca says his 10,000 person department cooperated with the investigation.

A bombshell multi-part investigative story in the Los Angeles Times today, uncovering institutional corruption in Los Angeles Sheriff's department.

18 current and former deputies have been arrested by the FBI or were expected to surrender to investigators as part of a 2-year probe into claims of inmate abuse and misconduct in county jails.

"In one of the cases, deputies allegedly improperly arrested and searched an Austrian consulate official and her husband during a visit to an inmate who was an Austrian national."

Call me a cynic, but I'm gonna bet that's one of the incidents that really pushed this over the line, after years of complaints by Black and Latino inmates and their families.

Here's a timeline of complaints.

The story also goes into detail about the histories of some of the deputies indicted, which include sexual abuse of children, soliciting prostitutes, and attempted rape and murder.

Here are the case documents.

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