DIY Drone Shadow Handbook: how to create accurate drone-shadow street art

James Bridle has released a CC-licensed DIY Drone Shadows handbook (PDF), which explains, in detail, how to make accurate drone-shadow street art in your town/neighborhood. It's part of a larger project around Dirty Wars, a documentary on drone warfare currently touring the UK.

Last week I drew a Drone Shadow, number 006, in Brixton, London, for the premiere of Jeremy Scahill's investigative documentary Dirty Wars. The work was commissioned by Picturehouse and Britdoc, who are distributing the film nationwide. You can read more on this site about the previous Drone Shadows in Istanbul, Brighton and Australia, as well as in Washington DC. There are more photos of the Brixton shadow at Flickr.

Dirty Wars is an excellent and powerful film investigating America's covert wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere. Scahill visits the communities and families affected by the ever-expanding policy of special forces actions and drone attacks outside declared theatres of war, and digs deep into the politics and policies behind America's version of 'total war'. It is currently touring the UK and I urge you to see it – you can download it from the website if there's no screening near you. I'll be taking part in a discussion of the film at the Hackney Picturehouse this weekend.

As well as the Drone Shadow installation, I created a projection for Picturehouse which is touring the country with the film. It has so far appeared in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, York, Liverpool, and elsewhere.

DIY Drone Shadows

(via Beyond the Beyond)