Amnesty petition to release Chelsea Manning

Alan sez, "Amnesty International have a petition up that asks for the release of Manning. The petition argues that both on humanitarian grounds and on account of the pre-trial treatment, Manning is deserving of a clemency release."

We, the undersigned, support Amnesty International's letter calling for clemency for Chelsea Manning.

– Private Manning has accepted responsibility for her actions and claims she was acting in the public interest.

– The materials leaked by Manning reveal potential human rights violations and breaches of international humanitarian law by US troops, Iraqi and Afghan forces operating alongside US forces, military contractors, and the CIA.

– The severity of the sentence imposed on Private Manning is more harsh than that imposed on some members of the military who have been convicted of serious crimes, including murder, rape and war crimes.

– Private Manning has already served more than three years in pre-trial detention, including 11 months in conditions acknowledged as breaching military standards, and condemned as cruel and inhumane by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Support the Release of Chelsea Manning

(Thanks, Alan!)