Man doesn't emerge from Y2K bunker after 15 years

CBC reported that Norman Feller had emerged from hiding after 15 years, all because of his fear of the Y2K virus that turned out to be no big deal. Alas, it's not true.

There are a few clues:

– Feller, an experienced prepper, didn't bring a radio with him.

– Feller's photo is clearly labeled as a stock photo.

– The show is produced in Canada, a country well-known for dishonesty and cruelty.

– The host is played by Peter Oldring, an experienced comedian.

– The show — This is That — is a popular satirical news show.

Isn't it odd how many imitators of The Onion (such as The Daily Currant) are really just writing zany untrue stories in an AP style? Guys, these things are supposed to have jokes and satire and stuff.