Royal Society appoints a Wikipedian-in-Residence

Richard writes, "I work for Wikimedia UK – the UK charity that supports Wikipedia – and we just managed to get the Royal Society to hire a Wikipedian! The job description is here and the person chosen is Johnbod – a rather long-term Wikipedian from the UK. Thought you might enjoy this. He'll be talking at Wikimania 2014, in London in August, with a bit of luck!"

"I've already been planning an exciting programme with Royal Society staff, including plenty of events. Some of these will be aimed at Royal Society staff while others are intended to meet the needs of scientists and the general public.

"Following our very successful training and editathon on women scientists in, held at the Royal Society in October in conjunction with the Medical Research Council, we plan a similar event in early March, around International Women's Day.

"The Royal Society Library and archives have wonderful resources, with a good deal already online, and I'll also be looking at what we can achieve with these."

Royal Society appoints Wikimedian in Residence

(Thanks, Richard)