Auctioning a conceptual copy of Banksy's thrifted "Banality of the Banality of Evil" to benefit 826 Valencia

A San Francisco artist commissioned a Chinese artist to make a copy of "The Banality of the Banality of Evil" — a painting that Banksy thrifted, added a Nazi to, and shop-dropped back into the thrift store. The copy, called "The Banality Of The Banality Of The Banality Of Evil," is now being auctioned to support 826 Valencia, a literacy for kids program in San Francisco.

Chris writes, "In October 2013 British artist and provocateur Banksy purchased a landscape painting from Housing Works, the non-profit thrift store that benefits and supports HIV+ homeless people in New York.

Banksy then painted in a nazi soldier looking out at the landscape, added his signature below the original artist, K. Sager's signature and titled the work "The Banality Of The Banality Of Evil."

He then brought the revamped painting back to the thrift store for them to sell at an auction, where it sold for over $610,000, with all of the funds benefitting Housing Works' foundation.

In November of 2013, San-Francisco-based conceptual artist, Lizabeth Eva Rossof had a replica of the Bansky piece painted in China. She added a red balloon and requested that the replicator's signature (Mario Ma) be added to the canvas that is now titled, "The Banality Of The Banality Of The Banality Of Evil."

This finished work features four signatures: replica signatures of the landscape artist K. Sager and Banksy (who's revamped piece auctioned for over 600K), and unique signatures of Mario Ma (the replicator), and the artist Lizabeth Eva Rossof.

On December 14th, one day after the eBay auction began, Banksy posted Rossof's work on his Instagram account, and encouraged his followers to participate in the auction.

The painting is on display at's San Francisco headquarters at 780 Valencia, now through the close of the auction on Dec. 22.

Take a look at the eBay auction here, and make a bid! 100% of the purchase price will be going to 826 Valencia."

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(Thanks, Chris)