Live in a San Francisco Ikea bunk-bed in a mass hacker dormitory for a mere $1k/mo

Here's a Craigslist ad for a "hub for entrepreneurs" where you can be barracked in one of dozens of bunk-beds ranked in rows for a mere $999/month. But you also get access to plenty of whiteboards and brainstorm areas, and will no longer have to endure the misery of "hop[ping] from coffee shop to coffee shop" as you seek to launch your tech business.

When I moved to San Francisco in the late nineties, I lived in half an illegal sublet for about $2K/month, and that was a deal by the standards of the day. But I had it better than the guy paying $800/month for the Sears shed in the back-yard — I got a toilet!

Located in SOMA, a hub that supports developers, designers and entrepreneurs who come from all part around the world. A great space for you to stay and work from. The building is setup for productive collaboration and includes plenty of whiteboards, brainstorm areas, and we host events, meetups and parties for the tech community. Our goal is to facilitate the idea exchange and support an entrepreneur so that you don't have to worry about housing and a place to work from. No need to hop from coffee shop to coffee shop – create meaningful relationships, work with people who will help you in the long run. We host events and workshop to which you're welcome to attend as well.

We have shared rooms ONLY (no single rooms) and they start at $45/night for short stays and are discounted to $999/month for longer stays. Space is shared by entrepreneurs of all sexes. Community is important to us so our preference is for longer term stays but if you're in town for a hackathon we might be able to help.

$999 Hub for entrepreneurs (SOMA / south beach)