"The Brain That Wouldn't Die" and more newly uploaded B-movies at archive.org

Among the 3,842 free feature length films at Archive.org are these newly uploaded B-movies:

Forced Landing (1941): "The action takes place in a Pacific island country, where everyone speaks English, with an assortment of accents. One of the main characters, played by J Carrol Nash, has the appearance of a Mexican bandit, with a Chico Marx speaking style."

The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962): "After being decapitated in a car crash, 'Jan in the Pan' needs a new body, and deranged surgeon/fiancee Herb Evers begins stalking strippers with the hope of performing a full-body transplant and eventually getting the best of both worlds. Naturally, things do not go quite as planned."

The Wild And Wicked (AKA Flesh Merchant) (1956): "In this 1950s exploito film, sweet young thing Joy Reynolds visits 'fashion model' sister Lisa Rack in Hollywood, but soon joins her sister in the sordid worlds of nude modeling and prostitution."

Sunset Murder Case (1938): "Sally Rand stars as a nightclub performer whose police detective father is murdered. She determines to use her wiles to identify the killer, and see him brought to justice."

The King Murder (1932): "Fairly closely based on the real-life murder of New York showgirl Dorothy 'Dot' King in March 1923. Like the character of Miriam King in the movie, the real Dot King was both a perpetrator and a victim of blackmail, and was having simultaneous affairs with at least two rich married men."