Hackers vs the NSA in 1986

Emmanuel Goldstein from 2600 Magazine sez, "It shouldn't be that surprising, but Volume Three of The Hacker Digest contains all kinds of news items and articles concerning the National Security Agency, its attempts to control encryption, and the threat of surveillance. This was the hacker world of 1986."

This latest remastered collection reveals all kinds of fun technological facts, such as the largest pirate bulletin board in the USA operating on a whopping 44 megabytes of disk space and the cellular phone network being recently upgraded from a maximum capacity of 12 calls in an entire city.

While the tech is insanely outdated, the ideas, spirit, and resourcefulness of the hacker community back then is remarkably similar to that of today and thus continues to be an inspiration.

The Hacker Digest – Volume 3 [Amazon]

The Hacker Digest – Volume 3 [2600.com]

(Thanks, Emmanuel!)