Mat Ricardo's one-man mime show in London's West End, Jan 21-25

Mat Ricardo writes, "Very happy to announce that my new one man show 'Showman' is running for a week in London's West End as part of the London International Mime Festival. I've been a fan (and customer) of the Mime Fest for more than a decade, so I'm really happy to be involved this year – in spite of not being a mime artist, and having a show that sees me talk pretty much from beginning to end!"

Boing Boing readers have been really supportive of my work in the past, and I'm really grateful, so I wanted to get the word out that these will likely be the only London performances of this show in 2014 before I take it on tour internationally. I'm shuddering already just thinking about the excess baggage charge for a show that involves bowling ball juggling.

It is, for me, the best show I've ever done – to quote the legendary Scotsman reviewer Kate Copstick: "Showman has been a lifetime in the making, but the beautifully crafted result was worth waiting for"

You'll see me recreate a vaudeville routine that has killed at least one performer in the past, you'll see me do things with electric knives that are, at best, inadvisable, and you'll see things done before your very eyes, that might seem just slightly impossible.

Hope I see you there, if you do come, be sure to find me in the bar afterwards and do the secret Boing Boing handshake.

London Premiere

(Thanks, Mat!)