Filtered: free/open IMAP filter

Jeff writes, "Filtered is a new free/open source IMAP mail filtering application which provides automated routing of email based on per sender settings. You can train Filtered via its web UI or by dragging and dropping email to folders in your email account. Filtered can also learn from the contents of your existing folders."

Filtered's advanced module also brings new kinds of features to mail:

* Quiet hours. Shut down your inbox during specific hours like weekday evenings and weekends while allowing specific senders emails e.g. family to come through

* Privacy folder. Drag emails to your secure folder and Filter will encrypt them to its server, then delete them from your NSA-browsable gmail account.

* Whitelisting. Automatically send challenge emails to unknown senders to require them to verify their identity before the message appears in your inbox. Unverified senders are held in a review folder.

* Smartphone alerts. Filtered can send notifications to your phone when messages from specific senders or with specific keywords arrive.

* Manage anonymous email accounts. Filtered makes it easier to route inbound mail from catch-all email addresses. This is useful for registering with companies using anonymous addresses to minimize data mining.

The coolest thing about Filtered is that it's a platform for reading, analyzing, routing and managing your email — possibilities abound. Filtered is essentially a programmable playground for "hacking" your own email.

Filtered is written in PHP, in the Yii Framework. An installation guide is provided for typical GNU/Linux configurations. There is also a community support forum and a feature request board.

Filtered – Open Source IMAP Mail Filtering Software for PHP

(Thanks, Jeff!)