New Disruptors 57: Through a Glass Brightly with Abhi Lokesh

Take a picture and put it under glass, but not quite the way you think. The folks at Fracture have a built a business that connects several different technologies into one new way to make large-format photos printed on glass suitable for hanging. Today I talk to Abhi Lokesh, one of Fracture's founders, about the journey from a small village in Africa to a whizz-bang printing and distribution company.

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Things we mention in this episode:

Conservation labs in libraries and art museums stabilize and preserve work. Such labs often include the ability to age material artificially to see how new techniques, media, or binders (like adhesives) will stand the test of time. Ultraviolet curing dries inks nearly instantly. We've talked on the program before about CNC routers and 2D laser cutters.

Cards Against Humanity (whose Max Temkin was interviewed here in June 2013) posted a blog entry about their efforts to predict holiday sales in 2013, and how they failed to anticipate the ridiculous demand for their product.

(Note: Fracture was a sponsor several months ago and Cards Against Humanity recently. We don't have any financial connection between our podcast guests and our podcast sponsors. But we do tend to attract sponsors that align with this podcast's focus.)

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