Baybrook Remodelers sue (and sue and sue) people who give them negative reviews

Since 2010, Kristen A. has maintained a website where she documents the legal hassles she's undergone with Baybrook Remodelers, Ken Carney's Connecticut company, who has sued her for posting a negative online review of the work they did for her. Baybrook has filed more than 40 lawsuits against its online critics. In Kristin A's case, Baybrook has filed for 15 continuances, dragging the case out so that it was never heard — it's only scheduled for a hearing now because Kristin A's lawyer insisted. It's not the only case that's been dragged out by Baybrook's lawyers.

Kristen A's mother actually moved houses because of legal harrassment from Carney and Baybrook — after she hung up a sign saying "I do not recommend Baybrook Remodellers" and another showing how many lawsuits the company had filed, Baybrook had the city of Milford pull her zoning approval and make her life hell (nice one, Milford, CT).

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection's complaints file for Baybrook is 40 pages long.

Here's a look at the docket, which is filled with little else other than the plaintiff's extension requests. As Kristen notes, a trial is forthcoming, with jury selection beginning in March. This is what Baybrook's been avoiding. Obviously, it hoped its threats would be enough to quell the criticism. That has backfired and now the company is in the awkward position of having to explain itself to a jury. This isn't the only case Baybrook is dragging its heels on. Another Tort case filed by Baybrook Remodelers in 2010 is still ongoing, with numerous extensions having been filed here as well. A motion for summary judgement has been filed by the defendant who is obviously hoping to finally have this seemingly endless suit tossed.

Kristen's site contains even more details of Baybrook's shady behavior. She noticed that shortly after she posted her negative review detailing the 40+ lawsuits the company was involved in (Dec. 6, 2010), a flood of Baybrook's "admirers" took to these same sites to post glowing reviews of the company. Most of the reviews were posted Dec. 15-17, which either means the company was posting its own reviews or had just wrapped up a ton of contracts for deliriously happy customers. Some reviews even copy-pasted wording from positive reviews written years earlier. Other identically-worded reviews surfaced under different names in January of 2011. One was even posted on Baybrook's website using yet another name.

But the most damning indicator of the company's negative reputation is the 40 pages of complaints filed with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. The complaints detail a variety of issues with Baybrook Remodelers, including its tendency to do shoddy work and leave cleanup and damage repairs to the client. Other complaints point out how reluctant the company is to engage with dissatisfied customers ("owner won't answer his phone").

Remodeler Sues Woman Over Negative Reviews, Helps Force Another Critic Out Of Her Own Home [Tim Cushing/Techdirt]