'Land of the Lost,' the complete 1974 television series

Xeni and I are both freaking out about how much we loved this series as kids. Sid and Marty Krofft's Land of the Lost is truly a classic that provides even more entertainment now than it did as a child.

Join the picture perfect American Marshall family. Adventuring somewhere in the wildness are Marshall, his son Will and daughter Holly. When a random dimensonal portal opens up they are dramatically transported to THE LAND OF THE LOST. Here, they struggle amongst the wackiest looking dinosaurs, including one named Dopey, a small gaggle of awesome Pakuni and the fearsome yet mindless Sleestak.

For years I've pondered things like Cha-ka's strange dedication to Holly, the family's relationship to Grumpy the t-rex and that awful Dad for Uncle swap they pulled off. Now, with this complete set of each episode at hand I can rewatch favorites and bore my friends with insane minutiae. Perhaps I can finally figure out how those crystals worked.

I love the song played during the closing credits too…

Land of the Lost: The Complete Series